Types of Holster Designs

Although most people know that holsters are made to carry on different areas of the body, some do not realize that holsters come in two different designs. No matter what carry style you most prefer, you can take your pick of the two designs. The two designs are the pancake holster design and the hybrid holster design. Before you buy a holster to conceal carry your weapon, learn more about the two designs to choose the right style for your personal needs.

Pancake Holster Design

The pancake holster is made with two layers attached to material that creates a pouch. The holster sits inside this pouch. The pancake holster design is usually made for a specific make and model of weapon so you won’t be able to put just any weapon into any holster with the pancake design. Most holsters are made from leather materials because it’s sleek and stylish but also because of the enhanced durability.  However, other holster use materials like polymer and nylon.

Hybrid Holster Design

concealed weapons holster

The hybrid holster design is made with a retention shell. The shell is attached to a holster base platform. Most hybrid holsters are made to fit specific firearms just like the pancake holster design, so do keep this in mind when browsing the selection. Leather is a common hybrid holster material, but there are others available as well. Most users find the concealed weapons holster hybrid design is more comfortable than the pancake style holster.

Holsters come in many awesome styles and designs and certainly make carrying a weapon concealed and safely much easier. But not every holster is right for every gun owner. Keep in mind the two design styles when choosing a holster to avoid buying the wrong product. A bit of research goes a long way when buying a holster.