Best Nutritional Health Beverages for Teenagers

Nutritional Health Beverages

If you are looking for the nutritional drinks for your kids which are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats then these drinks are the best for your kids who are suffering from the eating disorders and are underweight. You can use these drinks either in milk or water. Here we have covered few healthy drinks for your teenage group child.

Nutritional Health Beverages


This is the high protein supplement which is formulated with hydrolyzed proteins. In this supplement, you will find the right amount of carbohydrate, iron, folic acid, vitamins, and minerals. This supplement is very easy to digest and because of hydrolyzed protein content, this supplement is easily absorbed in the body. This is the ideal supplement for your kids who are underweight. This supplement is bitter in taste; hence to lower down the bitter taste, you can add honey or the small amount of sugar in it. To add more flavors, you can add almonds, cherries, and cashews.

Venky’s Hy Speed:

This supplement will boost your energy level and helps in maintain the water level as well as helps in reduction of muscular cramps. The product contains 52kcal Energy and 13g carbohydrates. The taste of this supplement is the tangy flavor of orange which helps your child hooked on to it when he or she drinks after excessive physical activity. The supplement is easily absorbed in your body because of the composition of supplements.

Cool Coconut Drink:

Coconut water is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, and riboflavin. This supplement also contains fiber, magnesium, manganese, and potassium nutrients. To make this drink, you have to add 3 cups of coconut water into 1 cup of water along with ½ cup of squeezed lime juice with 2tbsp raw honey and salt. Mix all the ingredients and serve this drink chilled.

Double Horse Health Mix:

This health supplement is rich in minerals, vitamins, oils, proteins, and fats and is made up of using pulses, cereals, and nuts. You can add this supplement in water all you have to mix this supplement into 1 cup or glass of water. To enhance its taste, you can add cardamom, soya, almonds, tulsi, barley, Bengal gram, cocoa, sago, maize, samba wheat, and other ingredients.

Apart from these drinks, you can also purchase Herbalife Dinoshake, Unived RRUNN Sports Drink, Tango Electrolyte Drink, CPR Drink, Melon Berry Squash, and other health drinks which are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, calcium, and minerals.

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