5 Other Ways to Celebrate Onam Festival

Onam is that the biggest competition of Kerala. But, there’s loads additional to Onam than being simply a competition. Onam reflects the religion of the folks of Kerala A belief in their legendary past, faith and power of worship. It shows the high spirit of those who exit of the thanks to celebrate the competition within the prescribed manner and a grand fashion.


Best of Season and Weather

Onam is additionally a harvest competition. It’s celebrated at a time once everything seems thus nice and smart. the gorgeous landscape of Kerala may be seen in its full radiance at this point of the South Dravidian yr. Weather, it seems, additionally seeks to be a district of the competition. It contributes by turning into pleasantly heat and sunny. Fields look good with a bountiful harvest. Farmers feel on high of the globe as they watch the results of their laborious labour proudly.

Children’s Joy and Homecoming

Children thirstily await the arrival of the carnival. Why should not they. It’s time for them to urge new garments, toys and everything else they asked for or thought of. Varied uncles, aunts and grandmas grace their desires with delight. It’s additionally a time for homecoming for folks staying aloof from the families. Their arrival multiples the enjoyment of the competition many folds.

Welcoming a really Special traveler

Onam awaits one terribly special traveler, Kerala’s most idolised legendary King Maveli. He’s the King who once gave the folks a golden era in Kerala. The King is such a lot connected to his kingdom that it’s believed that he comes annually from the nether world to examine his folks living jubilantly. It’s in honour of King Mahabali, dearly known as Onathappan, that Onam is well known.

Cultural amusement

One of the foremost marvelous aspects of Happy Onam is that the flowering of its wealthy and well-established culture. We tend to see not simply glimpses however an entire gamut of it within the ten-day-long carnival. Pulikali, Kaikottikali, Kummattikalli, Kathakali, Thumbi Thullal besides many alternative folk’s arts and traditions may be seen on one platform known as Onam.

Of Unity and cohesion

The beauty of the competition lies in its lay cloth. Folks of all religions, castes and communities celebrate the competition with equal joy and vitality. Onam additionally helps to form an environment of peace and brotherhood by manner of varied team sports organized on the day.

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